KlayOracle Community Roundup — February Edition

DigiOracle, formerly KlayOracle
3 min readFeb 25, 2023


Hi there,

Welcome to another monthly update from the KlayOracle team. This has certainly been a busy month, where we’ve been hard at work developing both our protocol architecture, public-facing products, as well as strengthening our partnerships and raising funds. Let’s get into it.

Product Updates

We’ve been hard at work on KlayOracle Explorer — our open dashboard for exploring the activity of nodes, data explorers and data feeds on our oracle network.

Our product, design and frontend teams have been tasked with scoping out, designing the user interface, and building the front-end components for KlayOracle Explorer v1.0. This team, comprising of highly skilled product managers like Paul Oladimeji, designers such as Bose May, and developers such as Femi Alofe are working towards actualizing this goal.

Here is a snippet of our work-in-progress in the video below:

Protocol Updates

As mentioned in our January update, KlayOracle is undergoing a protocol rearchitecture from the ground up in order to ensure KlayOracle’s scalability, decentralization, and efficient tokenomics. Our core contributors are committed to this goal both in the short-term and long-term, and a lot of our effort over the past few weeks has gone towards conceptualizing this new architecture. This resulted in us publishing the Protocol Architecture Redesign ADR for KlayOracle v1.0.

Post-conceptualization, our focus has been on implementing the decisions defined in this ADR. Progress has been made in the following areas:

We are still on track to hit our Q1 2023 goal of completing the full rearchitecture of KlayOracle v1.0, with development set to reach completion at the end of March.

You can follow along with the development of KlayOracle on our GitHub repo. Also, if you’d like to contribute to the development of KlayOracle, you can contact us at engineering@klayoracle.com.

Ecosystem updates

KlayOracle receives $25,000 grant from DoraHacks

We’re glad to announce our receipt of a $25,000 grant from DoraHacks, as part of their initiative to fund “new crypto infrastructures, deep tech, and their intersections with crypto”.

As one of the selected projects voted by the Dora Grant DAO community, we are excited to have the community place their trust in our project and team. This grant will go a long way towards funding several of our Q1 initiatives.

Thanks for keeping up with KlayOracle! We hope you’re out there sharing and receiving love and good vibes in this month of love. See you next month.

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DigiOracle, formerly KlayOracle

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